Apple 5K Studio Display (Standard Glass)

Apple, 27-inch (diagonal) Retina 5Κ
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A big, beautiful window into new worlds, Studio Display draws you in from the moment you turn it on. It has a slim, all-screen design. And it’s packed with a phenomenal set of features so everything you do springs to life with gorgeous color and spectacular detail.

Minimal glare for maximum focus. Studio Display comes standard with an industry‑leading anti‑reflective coating designed to reduce glare for better comfort and readability. So every word and pixel comes through vividly, with extremely low reflectivity.

Even less glare, anywhere. Studio Display is also available with an innovative nano‑texture option, which is ideal for spaces with bright light sources, like a lot of sunlight. It scatters light to further minimize glare — for outstanding image quality even in challenging lighting conditions.

Display Size (diagonal):
27-inch (diagonal) Retina 5Κ