Special Mac Products

Logic E Solutions EE provides a wide range of quality products specifically for the Apple Macintosh platform additionally to the standard range of peripheral devices for all kinds of computer systems. Here are a few examples:


The American firm OWC is famous for its dedication to the mac platform as also for its exceptional quality products.


The most promising solution for long-term storage of your data. Milleniata makes special metal-layered DVD and Blu-ray disks that have a life span of 1.000 (yes, a thousand) years.


This firm produces the revolutionary Transporter range of products that provides everybody with private cloud services. Please have a look at our analytical presentation of the product.

We also have special Mac-compatible products of the following brands:

NewerTech, Sonnet, Startech, LMP, Dinic, DeLock and many other.

You can also request products not available in our store, and we will provide them for you, if available on the market.

Our special Mac-model-finder helps you find products compatible to specific Mac models. Please use the special menu "Hover to search by Mac model" which is located at the top right of each page.