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NewerTech, OEM Sealed Antistatic Foil


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If you already have the StoraDrive from Newer Technology, you might also want to pick up their Media Storage Tray. The Media Storage Tray fits into a slot of the StoraDrive and allows you to easily organize various memory-related digital media. You can store one 2.5" solid state drive or hard disk drive, two Compact Flash cards, four SD cards, two Sony Memory Sticks, and four SmartMedia cards within on tray. Because the interior of the tray is made of anti-static ESD foam rubber, all of these devices will be protected from static. If you need an easy convenient way to organize your internal 2.5" drive and memory cards, grab the StoraDrive and then check out the Media Storage Tray.

The Media Storage Tray can accommodate the following:

  • Holds 2.5" SSD or Hard Disk Drive
  • Holds Two Compact Flash Cards
  • Holds Four SD Cards
  • Holds Two Sony Memory Sticks
  • Holds Four SmartMedia Cards
  • Made of Anti-Static ESD Foam Rubber
  • Fits in Slot of NewerTech StoraDrive
Easily fits into a tray of the Newer Technology StoraDrive
Utilizes anti-static ESD foam rubber for holding a 2.5" drive, memory sticks, and memory cards.
Τύπος δίσκων:
  • SSD 2,5"
OEM Sealed Antistatic Foil
Made in USA
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