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In the 1980's the first company to develop and sell memory products for the Macintosh® computer line. The DART high-density memory system increased computer performance up to 2000%. The Attention! memory board and hardware/software upgrades were unveiled for both IBM®-compatible and Macintosh computers.

The 1990's brought automated surface-mount capabilities in-house to provide highest quality memory upgrade manufacturing. Added SCSI to DART product. Apple, Inc.® uses NewerTech memory modules in its first PowerBook® demonstrations in 1991.

Faced with changing market conditions in the late 1990's, the NewerTech product line was expanded to include MAXPower multi-speed processor accelerators for Macintosh computers. NewerTech was the first company in the world to offer processor upgrades for Power Macintosh 604, Power Mac® G3, Power Mac G4, iMac® G3, iMac G4, PowerBook® 603e, and PowerBook G3 machines.

The 2000's have further solidified NewerTech's reputation as a leading developer of performance upgrades for Macintosh desktop computers, PowerBooks, iMacs, Intel-based Macintosh computers, iPods®, and iPhones®.

Introduced industry’s first G4 Pismo processor upgrade for PowerBook G3.

NuPower® Lithium Ion Batteries introduced for PowerBook G3 and G4 models. These high capacity batteries deliver the longest runtimes of any stock replacement battery available.

NuPower Lithium Polymer battery for iPod with 70% more capacity than factory battery announced.

Introduced NewerTech FM Transmitter for playing iPod through automobile audio system.

NewerTech miniStack receives multiple industry awards and accolades – MacAddict Editor’s Choice, Macworld Top Product, 123macmini Accessory of the Year.

NewerTech miniStack® unveiled to give Macintosh mini owners external hard drive space from 80-400GB, faster storage performance, and more FireWire® and USB ports.

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